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Hey there! My name is Christy Sust (pronounced Shoost; don't worry, I'm used to it!) and I'm so glad you decided to hop on my website to learn more about the mission God has given me! And the best way for you to do that is to get to know me a little bit!


I was saved at the ripe old age of 6! Being raised in a strong, Christian household is the most crucial blessing God could have given me. When I was a senior in high school, I felt more gradually that my faith had become my own and that I had come to understand on an adult level what God's grace really meant - for myself as well as humanity. Since then, I have only grown more in my faith and my boldness in sharing the gospel with others.


Going to college further solidified this as I went on to receive my Bachelor's in Acting in 2017. Being trained in the art of storytelling showed me more than ever how important it is to tell the greatest story ever told. After graduating, I worked as a Worship Intern at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, IL, yet another formative experience in my faith as I continued to build the bridge between the artistic gifts God has given me and how they fit into my person relationship with Him. After that, I continued to serve in ministry on staff at my church, Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis-West, first as the Interim Worship Coordinator and then as Director of Media Communications!

So, how did an eccentric, creatively-minded actor like me end up in the Czech Republic to do youth ministry? Well, for that story, I'll direct you to my blog, where the very first blog post is explaining just that very story! 

So go on then! Hop to it! Just scroll back up and click on "Blog!" 

You're still here? What is this, a Marvel movie with two end credits scenes? Nope, I think we're done here! See you on another page!

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